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We are a leading  Industrial Shed Builder,  manufacturer of  Steel Structure Buildings and Prefab homes for last 10 years and we have been performing many multifaceted tasks, through these years…. 

We have pledged to transform the “Steel” as the “Splendid Steel” in everyone’s mindset. Over the years Steel has evolved its forte from Strength to Beauty. Steel is now offering more design freedom to architects and builders than ever with its modern combination of strength, beauty, adaptability & endless recyclability.
At Shree Krishna Engineering,We pride ourselves as a reputed Industrial Shed Builder and Prefab Homes maker on producing quality, skilled craftsmanship and having a reputation as a builder of excellence. 
We provide a full range of building services,from renovation, restoration, and bespoke jobs. No matter how big or small your project is, our approach is always the same – focused, professional, and with true attention to accomplish the same. 
We have Steel Building Solutions for EVERYONE to all sections of Society. We construct steel buildings according to one’s needs and requirement.
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Expert Services:

Offering a complete range of services, we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and to budget. Our skills also mean, we can create bespoke RESIDENTIAL SHED,PREFAB HOME, INDUSTRIAL SHED to meet your needs. So, whether you’re looking to build, extend, or renovate, our team hasthe vision and experience to find a resolution to suit your budget and timescale. Contact us to see how we can help.

Custom Jobs:

Want something a little more off the beaten path? As a Shed Builder, not only we do offer a complete range of services !! rather we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and to budget. Our skills also mean that we can create and craft  bespoke jobs  to meet your specific need. So, whether you’re looking to extend, restore, or renovate, we have the vision and experience to find a resolution to suit your budget and timescale.

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Workshop (Heavey Fabrication) Lacing is a method of connecting members by overlapping them in a lacing pattern and then welding them together. It is used to strengthen and support members in a structural framework. Bracing is a method of connecting members by using bolts, rods, or angle irons in a cross-bracing pattern.
Metal Fabrication
Factory shed
Shed with Roof Monitor
Deck sheet installation
Rooftop Shed
Rooftop Shed
Industrial shed
Industrial Shed
Industrial shed
Industrial Shed
Thermal Insulation
Factory Shed
Industrial Shed with Roof Monitor
LGSF Prefabricated Home
LGSF Building - "The Alternate and Innovative Construction System for Housing"

Different type of Trusses

In this section you come to know about different type of trusses and structural members that are used to make a Steel Building  may be it Rooftop, commercial, Factory. Industrial, warehouse etc etc..

Trusses are being designed for many reasons: 

  1.  When the  span of  the structure is large.
  2.  When to reduce the cost of Iron as per project requirement.
  3.  To Strengthen the steel structure to avoid wind  pressure.

So all type of trusses are being designed/made for different requirement and  absolutely by Hot Rolled Sections which are readily available in the market. 

Truss Design

Tensile Structure

Tensile fabric Shed
Price range: 280 to 330 per sft
Tensile fabric shed
Price range: 280 to 330 per sft

Ceramic Roof Tiles- A New Era of Roofing Style

The values we live by


We always try to bring new things in the market that is in current trend. We always keep pace with the times to inform about new product or service to our customer.


Our first main motto is to maintain the quality of the job with right price. Today non of our customers are unhappy due to timely job completion and after service.


After successful job completion a positive result,a good outcome is the key factor that we think.That mean whether there is a balance between price and quality.


In the workplace, collaboration means anything from brainstorming new ideas with a teammate to problem-solving with a client. And we maintain the same always.