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Factory Shed
Factory Shed
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Design and Planning
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Structure and Elevation

About Us

Welcome to  Shree Krishna Engineering,  a rapidly emerging manufacturer, and  leading organisation in the field of building  Factory shed,  Warehouse Shed,  Industrial Shed  and as well as Residential Shed, too.  A One stop  PLACE  for your entire STEEL building and all customized services.We have started our journey in  2015 and till the date we are struggling to make our customers always happy to keep our eminence as a Factory Shed Builder of repute and contractor.

We always try to represent modern and newly invented products/services to our first and existing customers of the construction field which are very durable, strong, and look aesthetic, like LGSF, Fiber Cement Board, Ceramic Roofing Tiles, insulated roofing sheet, etc. And we also update these time to time in our website.

“We have built numerous structures in and around Kolkata and some of our reputed customers are like Hooghly Jute Mill, Kolkata Jute Mill, Siddha Group, Ferrovia Tech Pvt.Ltd,  Matri Namkeen, Ambica Jute Mill, Tega Industries Ltd. and many more…”

What We Do

Our Residential and Commercial projects includes both new construction and repairs/restorations, a fully operational job, also not a problem for us. We can also plan, design, manage, and build multi-phase jobs in very affordable cost. Our main focus is to plan the project budget friendly for the customers and also to build the structure strong enough.

*High quality and long life of structure.
* 20-30% cheaper than conventional structure.
* Exclusive finishing.
* Best quality of raw material used.
* Structure built on 2-5 weeks of time, depends upon area.
* No construction hassles.

Design and Planning

We work with your company to take a genuine, thought-out look at what will work for you.Every company is different and operates differently, and so every shed needs to be designed differently around your needs. We work with you to help think through all the options and scenarios to ensure that your business can operate without the shed getting in the way, for instance installing awnings with no posts to facilitate truck movement, and clear-span structure designs to allow more manufacturing/warehousing space.

Our team has the capability to make concept drawings of the proposed design, and to plan out the the use of the facility to allow for maximum utilization of space and functionality.

We work with reputed architects and engineers/designers to produce beautiful, functional structures.We have very skilled and enthusiastic team of welders,fitters and supervisors to accomplish a perfect job that is desired by our beloved  customers.  Call us today and bring our project management skills and extensive construction experience to your coming project.

Value for Money
The structure of a building accounts for approximately 10-15% of the overall construction costs. It’s clear that choosing the right infrastructure in a competitive market is paramount. It was found that  steel framed solutions  can reduce building structure costs by up to 6% when compared to using concrete framed buildings – this can make you huge savings.
Industrial sheds construction cost is lower than brick-and- mortar storage sheds Factory/Industrial sheds are a cost effective and highly economic necessity for industries storage and protection requirements, depending upon your need. As a reputed Factory Shed Builder this is our key focus to educate the customers. 


Factory Shed

Building Sheds

We are a professional factory shed builder in presenting to our customers a complete range of Industrial, Factory, and Residential Shed. Our products/services are designed to suit various needs of different verticals of industries.Call us today for a budget friendly quote.

Waterproofing Epoxy based


Come out with a permanent solution from the regular Damp/leakage Issues of your Home. Fix your Leakage problem by the Experts like us and live in a Healthy Home. Premium Quality Products. On Time Completion. Experienced Skilled Team. Affordable Rates.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coating is a coating, that is
combined with, one part of resin and other part hardener. This is a fantastic choice for those who looks for an attractive solution for the floor and wall, that is most durable,safe, and low cost. Please click below for more info.

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